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The Entertainment


We are excited to announce that we will close Restoration on the Half Shell with Michot's Melody Makers.  The Melody Makers were formed in 2015 by Louis Michot, frontman for the Grammy Award-winning Lost Bayou Ramblers, as a fiddle-based Cajun band to explore Louisiana French songscapes both ancient and modern. The band was named Best Cajun Band of 2018, 2019 and 2020 by Gambit’s Big Easy Awards in New Orleans. The band’s 2021 release "Tiny Island" features Leyla McCalla on cello and vocals and brings together Louis and Leyla’s joint repertoire of Cajun and Haitian, Créole and Kréyol songs recorded in an acoustic outdoor setting. Their sophomore release, "Cosmic Cajuns from Saturn," out on Nouveau Electric Records, has been described as “swamp psychedelia” and “both danceable and experimental.” Their debut release on Sinking City Records, "Blood Moon," is a snapshot of how this electric string band pushes the boundaries of Cajun traditional music. It began with a rotating cast of members, but the band now features a dedicated lineup with Mark Bingham on guitar, Bryan Webre on bass and Kirkland Middleton on drums. The Melody Makers reinvigorate historic compositions and introduce sublime new melodies, all while evoking soundscapes inspired by a time when drums and amps first electrified Cajun music.

** Please note only registered attendees are invited to join the closing entertainment.  Registration is free.  Register here. 

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